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August oh august

This August I was a lazy lazy blogger. But you know when to stop working with delicate fibers when your thread clings to your fingers because it's simply to hot to keep them dry. And you know what? It's ok to let loose. That's what summer is for. Go outside, visit family and friends, make yourself happy with the abundance the outside gives in summer. bodensee1 bodensee2 I took these pictures on our hort trip to my mothers place at the lake of constance. It's the connection point of the three countries Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You can walk from the city of Constance to Kreuzlingen which is in Switzerland. I find it very amusing hopping over the border and back. bodensee3 We took a ship tour on the lake......

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I have been quiet lately and this has something to do with the fact, THAT WE ARE MOVING! zimmer1 I'm so excited. It's the...