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portfeder10 The feather portrait is progressing slowly. This projects wants to take it's time it seems. I have added some smaller feathers and the collar of the dress since the last time I've shown you the portrait. Also some shading and lighting and the mouth. The mouth was a tough one, it's not easy to draw or stitch a mouth without it looking like overdone lipstick. So far I'm content with the overall look, but it doesn't feel finished yet. We'll see what this portrait wants me to add to it. portfeder11 trigohat1 There is knitting going on here, too. An old friend in a new shape. I'll show you when it's finished. trigohat2...

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Some weeks ago I showed you a preview of a piece of embroidery I was doing. Since it has been a christmas present, I didn't want to risk the recepient...