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7 days of stitches: satin stitch

Satin stitch is widely used as a fill stitch. The name comes from the smooth surface similar to the surface of the fabric called satin. The satin stitch consists of parallel usually quite long stitches. There are two possibilities to make the satin stitch. For the first method, you simply mark the shape of your area to stitch and embroidery it following the marks. For the second method, you pre-stitch your shape with a line stitch like back stitch or split stitch and embroider over this. The second method produces a neater appearance and for a beginner is easier to do. The stitched shape is more textured and risen than with the first method. If you plan to do stand alone shape like the triangle in the picture I would always use the pre-stitching technique while if you want to embroider something with many small......

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