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spring kerchief continued

kerchief4 I finished the spring kerchief! I used up 3 50g skeins of green and white (3 each color) of Drops SilkAlpaka. The yarn is very delicate and perfect for scarfy things like this. The pattern works with the yarn held double and after the first color block you switch to one green and one white strand, the to solid again. The system is easy, but I forgot I had only 2 skeins left of the green. I discovered after the first solid block that the unlimited source that is my yarn stash was not unlimited in this particular color. After some searching I found something I knitted up in this yarn - something I didn't neccessarily need - frogged it and with some tiny skeins it was enough to make the mixed part of the scarf. My plan be was to do some......

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the spring kerchief

Do you sometimes see a picture on the net and just KNOW you have to start it right away? It happens sometimes over here. Yesterday has been such a day. I was browsing Pinterets and fell in love with a picture by Sachiko Uemura and then went over to her flickr profile, found her ravelry profile and found out she had one of her fabulous scarves as a free pattern. Sometimes I just love the internet (not when it's holding me back from other important stuff). kerchief1 The spring kerchief is a simple triangular scarf which uses 2 colors of lace weight yarn held double. First you knit with the darker color in solid, the switch one thread to the lighter, then to both light threads. It's pretty much the same technique I used for my Continue Reading

color blocking scarves

I'm totally into color blocking at the moment. My two latest scarves are both an assembly of colors I love put side by side. The first one is the crescent scarf I started in march. I still don't have a name yet, probably "Red Moon" or something, there will come a name to me eventually. It has an I-cord edge on all sides, which I got very fond of because the edges get a great grip to them and don't roll. 001 008 022 The second is the Monstera scarf. It's a garter stitch scarf, too, and way narrower than the red scarf. It has an I-cord edge and wears a lot like a normal square shape scarf. So off to patternwriting I go! I......

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the (yet) unnamed shawl

prep I'm into shawl-making these days. The narrow shape got my attention because I like shawls but don't like the bulk in my chest or neck like you have with regular triangle or circular shapes. Do the crescent shap it is! prep1cresc1 Making progress. in the back you can see my humble attempts on growing plants from seeds for the balcony. Simple stuff like peas, basil, tomatoes, salad... the kids love to pluck the peas, my small one measures the width of each peapod every morning when they grow bigger, so cute! Joining in with Ginny from Small Things ...

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New knitting pattern: LINKED - summer stole

sommer2 My LINKED pattern project has another addition: the summer stole. It's the 3rd in a series of 4 pieces using one lace pattern to create 4 different styles. The summer stole is a plain lace scarf with long lines and the signature square lace pattern. I used a handdyed yarn made by german wool dying duo DyeforYarn. You can find them on Etsy. They have gorgeous yarn and funny colornames! Mine was "dragonfly flying too high" in Alpaca/Silk Lace. sommer1

Buy the summer stole pattern here:    youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

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