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free pattern: the absence of a snowflake

This is pattern is more like a guideline. Chaotic stitching is never really stuff for patterns because it's well - chaotic. Nevertheless this time the chaotic stitching takes place around a defined shape.

grey felt - depending on your size of embroidery. If you chose to make it 11cm/4.33inch the felt should be about 25x25cm/10x10inch embroidery floss - white DMC B5200, yellow DMC 745, blue DMC 807 1. First print the snowflake pattern to the size you want. Mine is 11cm/4.33inch. There should be at least 2cm/0.8inch to every side for the outside stitching. Cut out the snowflake.   revsnowmuster revsnow1a 2. Then pin the papercut onto your felt. Watch out to center it perfectly. revsnow2 3. Begin to stitch around the papercut pattern with white embroidery floss (1stranded). It's important to stitch into the......

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Snowflake Papercuts
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Snowflake Papercuts

I have this bag filled with papercuts. I swear they multiply in there! So many of my mandala embroidery patterns take their beginning in this plain breakfast paper bag.