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Hello again

December absorbed me and did not let go of me. I just realized, that I have not posted in a whole month! Lots of stuff was going on, like everywhere else around christmas and the beginning of the new year I suppose. During the last weeks I really had no urge to post and so I didn’t. What’s the point of meaningless posts, just to fill the statistics?

Here are some pictures from last weekend. The christmas tree survived 3 weeks past christmas (we put the tree up on the 24th and decorate it all together). Today I put alle the ornaments away and then it’s time to say good bye. On Sunday the light was extraordonarily bright. It was freezingly cold and we had snow for the first time this winter. The kids were sliding on the frozen puddles outside on their bellies (that’s when you are glad you have those ski jumpsuits).

Everything was peaceful and silent and then the light… It was the first time this year I got my camera and took some photos. I’m practicing with the manual mode of my camera – yes I’ve used the automatic mode all the time despite my decent camera. It’s challenging, but it helps me to understand my camera better and gain more control of the outcome of colors which tend to get weird with certain backgrounds when shot with automatic mode.

weihnachten1  mo8 mo9

Some knitting has taken place, too. Super easy yoga socks in orange sock yarn. Yoga socks are socks without the heel and the toe, so basically 2 tubes connected to each other. They are supposed to warm the feet without the unevitable sliding away during practice because sock yarn has no grip. With these the heel and front of the foot are bare and you can stand properly without having cold feet. At least that’s the thought – I have not yet tried it out.


Knitting a little rabbit and socks, that look like a river

IT IS COLD OUTSIDE (AND INSIDE HERE). Brrrr, what started as a little bit chilly devellopped into icy cold. It’s raining almost all day long and the wind blows against my windows for days.

The only good that comes from that is knitting and knitwear to snuggle in. I’m currently knitting a fluffy scarf with an altered version of my Fast Forward pattern. No photos yet… But fluffy yarn is a first for me. Most things I start with such yarn end being frogged in the end…


My special someone gets two pairs of socks from my mother every year- one for his birthday and one for christmas – and since that is covered I didn’t bother in years to knit him some, too. The thing is he wears them a lot – that’s an understatement – he wears them A LOT! Even in summer he wears them because he says, with woolen socks his feet don’t feel sweaty, while this is the case with other socks.

So this handmade sock loving man continues to wear out socks  from the previous years. He would never ever throw away even the ones with unmendable holes in it, so I did. And I discovered, most have unmendable holes in them and he needs more socks than 2 pairs each year to fill that gap. So I’m knitting socks now for him, which comes in handy, because some left over sockyarn wants to be used up over here. I don’t know about you, but the most fun socks for me – knittingwise – are the leftover yarn socks. Especially when using variagated yarns there is a challenge to make the socks not look funny and too colorful.

With these socks I had 2 variagated yarns and 2 solid greens and blues – 6 colors. I paired the muted colors to the top and the bright ones to the bottom. The middle is all blue and connects both hues. When I looked at the first finished sock, it reminded me of a river with it’s riverbanks on both sides.

socken3 stoffhase3

The friend whom I knit the baby kit for, requested a bigger baby hat with earflaps, because the one I made then was getting too small for all winter. So I knitted and knitted and then I found a pattern for a cute little rabbit toy, which I simply could not resist making for her.

I’m following the pictures of little rabbits, mice and cats from Little Cotton Rabbit via Flickr a couple of years now. I did not realize, she made patterns of her gorgeous plushs, too! I always thought she only sold the finished ones.

I got the “bunny boy with a piebald patch” pattern, because it’s for a baby boy and because I think I can make a skirt or dress without a pattern, but pants and sweaters are easier with a pattern.


According to the author, the pattern is not an easy pattern and I aggree that it’s definitely not a beginner level pattern. The pattern is very well written and the expertise and experience of making many many dolls of this kind shines through. I really enjoyed the process of knitting this little fellow!


Joining in with Nicole in the KCCO Along and Ginny with the Yarn Along.

Enjoy the summer

The last days were the hottest days for a long time here in Germany. On Saturday when we celebrated my son’s 10th Birthday it was 39 degrees (Celsius – that’s 102° Fahrenheit) outside. We nearly melted away, but it was a great party nevertheless. On Sunday the kids and I went to my father’s house at the lake and though it was really hot, it’s so much more bearable when you can jump into the water whenever you want.


I used the opportunity to shoot some new photos of my fox hand puppet. Somewhere on my way of product photography I chose to not take my pictures on humans, but on a neutral background.This was partly because my camera back then didn’t make a great job taking pictures of bright colored stuff especially not while moving around on the hand of a 3-year old.

Now with a very much better camera and a calmer daugther, I made a new attempt to take some photos. The light was so perfect and we had fun doing this together. The photo above is the one I took, the photo below is the one she took. I like how different the mood of both pictures is although they were taken minutes apart of another.



Yes, we had a little bit of fun.


I knitted a bit on my green sock prototype, but you know how great it is to knit in warm weather. I stopped when the yarn didn’t want to slide around my fingers anymore.

I hope you had a great weekend, too!

Diamond socks

The knitting bug got me again lately. I went for a trip to my grandma’s weeks ago and started a pair of socks with a simple pattern in stranded knitting – easy enough to remember for a quick knit occasionally. The most fun part for me is to choose the colors and see the magically growing pattern with every round of stitches.


The first pair has a green base color acompanied with a solid blue and a variegated blue-green yarn. The variegated yarn was not the best choice, since it has the exact green color as the base color, so some stitches get swallowed by the background making the diamond shapes rather blurry (you can see it perfectly in the picture below in the bottom left)


So I started a second pair for my daughter in purple, orange and yellow. She loves all the girly colors, but I wanted to exclude pink and went for a more indian color approach. I think they blend in very well. Below is the picture pre-blocking. The pictures are pre-blocking, which is why they are still wobbly. I’m not one who’s stranded knitting hopps off the needles looking perfect right away, but it’s getting better.

I’m going to show the whole socks when they are all finished up and blocked 🙂


Joining in with Nicole from Frontier Dreams.

The baby knit kit

The last week my knitting was all baby knits. A friend of mine is expecting and it’s her first baby so she will need some baby knits, right?

It started so harmless with the Wills sweater from Rowan Classic Babies, Book 4. I knitted this exact same sweater for my boy when he was 6 months or so and I loved the construction of the yoke and wanted to make this again.


Then I looked for a hat pattern and found the Garter Ear Flap Hat by the Purl Bee. It’s such a clever and easy design because the ear flaps are not attached afterwards, but knitted on the go with shortrows. I like earflap hats for babies because on tiny heads, hats tend to slip over the forehead too much when you want to cover the ears.


Then I got lost on the Purl Bee website and made the infant mittens and the baby moccasins, too. I’m still in love with the elfin hats, but did not get around making them yet.

Together with the baby quilt I made them for their wedding, I think that’s a good start for handmade baby stuff. Tiny things like these are done so fast, it’s a joy to knit them after huge projects like two adult sweaters in a row. Even the garments for my kids take so long now, because the grow much too fast. It’s not that I don’t enjoy knitting for them, too, but it’s wonderful to knit up tiny baby things in 2 hours, sometimes.



Joining in with Nicole.

socks and felting


I knitted a pair of socks out of the Finkhof sockyarn. It’s thicker than the usual sockyarn – I would say it’s like a 6ply sockyarn. I used 50 stitches to make them and used a knit and purl pattern for the leg part forming a plain stockinette triangle in the front. My feet look really big in the picture, I was wearing a second pair of woolen socks underneath. The new socks are for really cold times or guests to pull over.


The kids and I tried out felting balls. I had a small stash of wool for spinning and we watched this video (it’s in german – here is an english one) and started right away. I have to admit felting is not my cup of tea at least wet felting. I have not yet tried out needle felting but it seems to be more relaxing than wet felting to me – after all I like working with needles. The white ball with the brown wrapping has a rattle inside and is for the cats to play with. I have not yet got the hang of making a perfectly round ball yet. One side is plain and beautiful and the other side is a crumbly mess. I guess it’s a matter of practice and P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.

filz3 filz1

Joining in with Ginny and Nicole.

Finished socks

I totally forgot to show you 2 pairs of socks I have finished recently and not so recently.

The Gander socks have served their warming purposes in december, right before or after christmas. It’s the first heel flap sock in years. I loved the stripes used in the pattern, which would be more difficult to make with the short row heel. So heel flap it is and I love the fit of it!


The leftover sockyarn socks were finished a little bit early – October I guess – but I never showed them. It’s a plain sock pattern with short row heel and alternating sock yarn stripes with the gray yarn as a means to tone down the colorfulness. This way it’s totally ok to mix random colors – the gray makes everything look smooth and matching.


Joining in with Ginny and the Keep Calm Craft On Along.

Ganders and felt stars

The gander socks are making progress. I’m working at the second sock now and left the grafting of the toe for later (because I love grafting so much, that I keep it for the last moment like the cherry on a cake – NOT).

dreiecke4a dreiecke5

A while back I made this felt star from a pattern by the purl bee. Now it’s waiting for the tree to arrive. We have not yet bought one, but since we have a higher ceiling now, this year’s christmas tree will be large.

I regret not stuffing this a little bit. It get’s kind of wonky and is not easily put in place again. If you want to make this felt star, too, I recommend a little bit of stuffing for the largest size. The smaller sizes are probably doing ok without.

UPDATE: I did stuff it now and it looks a lot better. Click here for pictures and how I have done it.)



The Gander socks

We made a little shopping trip to the next big town and there was yarn. The next thing I remember is me paying for 4 skeins of sock yarn. The greens and blues just wanted to be with me and yeah, I don’t have to apologize for buying yarn with a full stash at home, right, right? Yeah so let’s see what I’m doing with this instead:

This yummy stranded knitting sock:


I was first thinking about making my own sock pattern, but then I realized it’s almost christmas and I didn’t want to deal with new things right now. So off to ravelry I went and pouf! There was exactly what I was looking for – the Gander socks. A flying goose inspired triangle stranded knitting pattern with a striking color palette. When I have finished the green ones, I’ll try to get my hands on the colors she used for her socks. Here is the (free) pattern and here is my project page on ravelry.

Is it just me or is it really hard to find solid color sock yarn anywhere? I’m so happy when I see solids besides black, red and grey, that I purchase it whenever I see some striking colors at a yarn shop.



knitting needle gauges

Mini-christmassock-knitting is happening around here. These teeny tiny socks are finished so quickly! Now that it’s getting colder outside, my husband asks for super-duper-thick socks so he can survive working out in the workshop all day long. You would guess at a blacksmith’s place it’s warm all day, but it seems like the warm air does not want to warm the feet, but the upper parts only. Poor man, I think I’m about to break my yarn shopping rule (which says no more sock yarn!) and buy some sock yarn to make him some fairisle knitted socks with 6ply yarn or so.


Today I made a new batch of knitting needle gauges. After my husband cuts them out and let the laser do it’s work, the gauges get a sanding by hand and oil finish. I use camellia oil which is traditionally used for metal polishing and wood treatment in Japan. The bloom of the camellia is so impressive, one day when I have a garden I will plant one to admire all day long.



Zebrano wood knitting needle gauges


Plenty of gauges for the yarn store Ja, Wol in the Netherlands, before sanding and oil finish.

I have knitting needle gauges in Zebrano and Lauan wood for inch and mm, US and mm sizes available in my Etsy store.

winter is coming

Ok, it’s really autumny outside right now and I have to bother you with yet another outdoor accessories knitting. I actually managed to finish ALL of the sock yarn of my stash. Yeah right, there is NO SOCK YARN in my stash right now and it is good! I get bothered by small half skeins laying around cluttering the space where my perfectly wound new and untouched skeins could live peacefully side by side.

Socks for the kids was the solution and since they care not a little bit if their socks are striped or dotted (at least when the colors are right) I made some striped socks for both of them. As my little Madame puts it: They will be in shoes anyway so it doesn’t matter how they look. Besides the fact that I love striped socks, it’s good to know how little the tiny people think about socks anyway. Probably you can see it in the picture, one sock has different stripes than the other. I had to cheat a little bit because at the second sock I realized the skeins will not end evenly and I would run out of purple yarn. So I decided to work 7 rounds of the lighter color and only 5 of the purple (instead of 6-6). This worked great and I had 1m left of the purple in the end – very close!

socken2For the business side I made some hats in the alpaca-silk blend I used for the boys hat, which he adores and wears everyday. I love mixing colors and can’t stop making them. While knitting I thought about funny names for the color combinations like: Night over the ocean, Snowy Mountain, Golden Stars in the pitch black sky, clouds over the Poppy field. Maybe I’m reading too much Anne of Green Gables right now? I found the one book I haven’t read yet and started reading last week. I’m a very fast reader but with Anne I’m more in the scenery and try to really focus on what she describes in her own world of imagination. There are books you read for the story and books you read for the words right? Ok, and there is Terry Pratchett, you read him for both.

I got my first book of Anne when I was 14 or so, given by my great grandfather (I think he chose the book because we share the name). I loved it so much and read it a couple of times. Then I found the other Anne books at the local library and read them also. When I went to Japan some years later I spend a lot of time in the school library and they had a good selection of english books, too. Imagine my surprise when I saw Anne in there, too. She is a big deal in Japan, too! So I read all of the books again, in English, because obviously it’s best to read a book in the language it was written in. So ready the last book of the series I haven’t read yet is a big deal for me. It’s not like reading a book again, but finding an old friend you always knew was there but waited for it’s entrance in your life a long time to be just right in place.

hats01 hats02

the vehicle christmas stockings knitting patterns

Phew I did it! The vehicle stockings I made in the last weeks are available as an ebook and as single patterns now. I enjoyed making these three patterns alot. The inner child in me always thrives when I do pixel art in bright shiny colors.

So here they are:


Buy here:  youtube patternfish craftsy dawanda etsy

I showed you the cars stockings a while ago and a sneak peek of the other two. There are two color options for the plane stockings, one dark blue and one light blue (which you can see in the picture above). Because I get asked quite often if these can be knit in a normal size: Yes they can. I knitted a pair of star stockings in sock yarn and the fit my feet (size 7). However this depends alot on your gauge with stranded knitting. Regarding the modular nature of the vehicle stockings you could make them in every size by leaving out one or two vehicles in every line, depending on how big the socks should be.