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the learning goes on and on

This afternoon I have been practising some embroidery stitches. There are so many stitches in embroidery it is hardly ever possible to learn (and remember) them all. I find it very interesting to see how differently the basic stitches are used in different cultures. Especially India has such a rich tradition in embroidery and achieves amazing effects with simple stitches. stiche1 I wrote some of the names of the stitches on the sampler to remember myself how these are called. With so many embroidery stitches it's sometimes hard to keep them all in your head. The first thing I tried was the ribbon embroidery. I wanted to try this for very long now - I mean it's the same stitches like "normal" embroidery only with ribbons. I shyed away from it mainly because I don't own thin ribbons and did not intend......

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Want to learn how to embroider? Let's start today with one stitch a day!

When I first started embroidery I wanted to try it all out. There were so many stitches to learn and soon I found myself in a situation where it was just too much to remember. After all, what is the purpose of learning a new skill when you forget about it instantly? Back then it helped me to focus on the basic embroidery stitches and actually use them a couple of times before jumping to the next stitch. I know it is hard to pick a starting point, but I have pinpointed the 7 most basic embroidery stitches for you. I selected them out of hundreds of stitches (like the 206 embroidery stitches in the stitch lexicon) and they are the most versatile ones that will help you get started with embroidery. Originally, I wanted to narrow it down to 5 stitches first, but the sheer amount of great stitches......

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