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Tutorial: Wrapped stitches

The second part of this series is showing you how to knit wrapped stitches. Unlike the bobble we have seen yesterday, wrapped stitches will not get knitted back and forth to create a three-dimentional effect. The wrapped stitch is made by taking a certain amount of stitches (I use 3 here) around which the working thread is wrapped several times.

Here is how you work the wrapped stitch

01 1. Put 3 stitches on a seperate short needle (like glove needles) or a savety pin. 02 2. Wrap the working thread around these 3 stitches anti-clockwise 5 times (this depends very much on the thickness of your yarn - the thicker the less wraps you'll need). 03 3. Put the working thread behind the knitting and put the 3 wrapped stitches back on......

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5 knit in the row below patterns

5knitintherowbelowpatternsKnit in the row below patterns can create a textured and airy fabric when worked with knits and purls on the right side but also simulate stranded knitting when worked as stockinette. Like with the slip stitch patterns the knit in the row below patterns don't curl on the edges when worked as rib or garter stitch, but behave like stockinette when all right side stitches are knitted. Knitting in the row below is a technique brioche knitting is using to make very stretchy and thick, but airy fabrics. The fifth pattern is practically a brioche pattern. If you want to learn more about this technique, I have a half-brioche tutorial here, too. row-below Abbrevations: k = knit; p = purl; k1b = knit in the stitch of the row below;......

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