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Tour de fleece Day 11 – resting day

Day 11: rest day! At least considering spinning. I started my new project in terms of using up a lot of fabric – a large quilt for our large bed. It will be 2×2,50m when finished and therefore be the largest thing I’ve ever done!

I got 2 bags filled with fabric lately and in search of a place to put them I realized (again) there is no space for fabric anymore. Back when I was sewing medival style dresses between school and university I bought a lot of fabric in denser colors. A lot of dark greens and navy, but also a bolt of red. After someone at the Climbers TdF group said she always pairs colorful pieces with black in her quilts, I thought it would work with some of my darker fabrics, too, and of course with the red.

Also I cut squares of some of my precious fabrics ( you know the ones you hate to cut and the smaller the last piece gets, the smaller the pieces become you cut from it simply because you don’t want to use it up) and a whole bunch of former shirts and vintage pillow cushions.

I’m happy doing a some sewing again. My fabric stash is out of controll and in need of regulation 🙂

Tour de fleece Day 6-10

Day 6

Plied 439g of rug yarn.

Day 7

Fiber washing day. I spun only 2 small balls of chocolate yarn to match my chocolate mint yarn.

Day 8 happended a rainy birthday and the only spinning that happened was located in my mind and busy with damage control 🙂

Day 9

Perfect weather. Spinning on the balcony some handdyed green-blue-creamy roving.

Day 10

437g of singles

Tour de fleece 2012

I’m participating in the Tour de Fleece this year (June 30-July 22). My goal is to spin that 5 yellow bags of sheep (and cheap) fleece I bought back in 2004 from a local farm filled with enthusiasm and naivety that it would be that hard to make something really cool with it.

After washing a handfull wool I found out (back then):

1. Raw sheep fiber smells very strongly.

2. Sheep have quite a lot of lanolin.

3. I don’t like the touch and smell of that thing there in the bags.

My conclusion was some what repressing: I put the bags in my cellar for the next 8 years and had a bad conscience about it every time I saw the bags (which was not that often, I really stuffed them in the backmost corner).

But! This year my Tour de Fleece project is to finally give this poorly neglected fiber a purpose and spin it all. Yeah! All the 5 bags. I want to get at least 3 bags done. That’s one bag every week.After spinning that load of wool I want to crochet a rug with it.

Here is my progress so far:

Day 1: 550g singles in bulky weight.

Day 2: 128g fluffy merino in chocolate mint. The mint yarn is handdyed, the brown one is natural sheep color.

Day 3: My fleece is not dry yet so I had plenty of time to ply my singles. The yarn is 4 wpi now.