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Knitting a little rabbit and socks, that look like a river

IT IS COLD OUTSIDE (AND INSIDE HERE). Brrrr, what started as a little bit chilly devellopped into icy cold. It's raining almost all day long and the wind blows against my windows for days. The only good that comes from that is knitting and knitwear to snuggle in. I'm currently knitting a fluffy scarf with an altered version of my Fast Forward pattern. No photos yet... But fluffy yarn is a first for me. Most things I start with such yarn end being frogged in the end... socken4 My special someone gets two pairs of socks from my mother every year- one for his birthday and one for christmas - and since that is covered I didn't bother in years to knit him some, too. The thing is he wears them a lot - that's an understatement - he wears them A LOT! Even in......

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snail handpuppet

The snail handpuppet is available as a knitting pattern now. It's about time, isn't it? The number one garden visitor needs some new territory - your hands! I love the...