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Summer days and starting projects

Summer has kicked in over here changing from unbearably hot to refreshing rainy days every couple of days. Last week I had my first car accident when I drove the kids back from school. I was sick, didn’t eat and drink enough and my blood pressure was very low. It was 34°C (93°F) which is way too hot if your car’s only ventilation is regulated by opening or closing the windows. Long story short, I got unconcious while driving but we had the most luck we could have had and nothing but a cracked side mirror happened. I can’t describe how grateful I am for the man who drove by and helped getting me and my kids save home and that it went how it went.


Above you can see my organizer for the embroidery stitch flashcards. I like to have a physical copy of my work and being able to scribble translations on them and flip through them is very fun. I’m thinking about making a printable out of them once I finished the main stitches – what do you think? Am I the only one who loves things like this? It’s like collecting embroidery stitch cards.


Making embroidery stitch tutorials is a lot of fun for me, but looking at the same fabric and thread all the time is not. Because of that I started 4 new projects. I knew you’d understand that. 3 of them are work anyway, the weaving project is the only ‘real just for fun’ project. I can see, that I have developped a strong affection for pink and turquoise.


The next project is the best (because I’ve just started it yesterday). I have showed you the cross stitch fish collections which I made with my mother. She has send me the most beautiful hmhmhm (I can’t say it yet, it’s too soon) and I have started to assemble it in a new variation. And I LOVE TO STITCH THIS. It’s cross stitch again and it’s so relaxing and addictive to make such small motifs. They are small enough that you can embroider one or two in one day and that makes it easy to stitch your way through ‘just’ finishing this color part or ‘just’ this row. I remember the same problem with knitting hehe.


chilies and indigo weaving


My chili embroidery is going quite well. I’ve not yet decided how many chilies I want to put on the bag, but I think I’ll add one or two on the top section and then sew it into a bag to hold my dried chilies. Working chain stitch is very relaxing and it goes quite fast!


The next project I have started is weaving with this beautiful indigo cotton yarn. It’s frogged from another project I did not have any use for and it always screamed for being woven, instead of knitted up. So I had this vision of indigo placemats when I frogged the yarn since placemats are just the size I can weave with the small handloom I have.

My weaving experience is limited to start weaving until 3 or 5cm and then let it be. I really never ever have finished a weaving project. This is partially because I never understand why the weaving slims towards the middle the more you weave. This does stress me out everytime and it happened with my indigo weaving again. I don’t want an hourglass-shaped placemat, but the fabric is so beautiful, that I can’t stop weaving. I’m over the middle section now and think it’s save to say, that this will be the first time ever, I finish weaving something.

Nevertheless, I will look into the vastness of the internet and seek for solutions for the various problems that came up while weaving. These problems have kept me from weaving long enough, it’s time to tackle them!


Weaving practice


I’ve been talking on and on about weaving lately. How I would built a simple weaving frame loom for beginners, which techniques I would try, what items I would make (there is the vision of a HUGE wall hanging with all the stations and symbols of my life included and a laaaaaarge rug for our new entry way – a girl can dream, right).

It all failed at the lack of a loom and I guess my very nice partner didn’t want to hear anything about weaving and how great it WOULD be to be able to learn that skill, too, anymore. So he made me a loom frame. How great is that????

It’s a very simple one, but there are plans to integrate some extras to make the process easier.

So I already want to make a large scarf out of the fabulous Alpaca yarn which turns out to be even softer when woven instead of knitted. But first things first – a sampler it is for now.

Any ideas how to avoid the decreasing of width? I got the width even at the light blue part, but the thinner the yarn the more it compacts the width. I read in a weaving book that you can pin a placeholder with the desired width just below the last rows, so it is not likely to contract. I have not tried it out though. I guess I have to be more careful with the tension – not as easy is it might seem.


this is the weaving loom frame I made for me and my daughter some time ago

the weaving frame

doppelstrickA new double knitting scarf in progress. I call it the green arrow as a working title, no real name candidates in sight yet. You want to give double knitting a try? Here is a tutorial.webrahmenMy daughter wanted a weaving frame and I just made up this wonky, wobbly thingy. We switch places when the yarn of the other is finished. I always wanted to weave and now I can at least show off my kindergarden skills again 🙂 Still dreaming of a future working space where an actual loom would fit in – oh the possibilities! But for now it’s rugs for teapots and tiny houses. webrahmen1