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Olaf in a tin

My little niece celebrated her birthday this weekend.Looking for handmade gifts in Pinterest I found this incredibly cute mouse in bed in a tin box, that I wanted to make quite a long time. Luckily I had one, which had a not-so-much-childfriendly quote with gummibaers on it. I sanded the print and painted it with 2 layers of white acrylic paint. In the 2nd layer I sprinkled some iridescent very small paillettes.

My niece is into “Frozen” like many girls nowadays (and I can’t blame her for that) and at first I wanted to make an Elsa doll (and maybe a 2nd as Anna), but it turns out if you don’t have the right felt tone for skin, everything looks weird. And I failed at the face and hair and then I decided to go with Olaf, because nobody can ruin a snowman.


I attached little patches of pink felt to the blanket to make it look like a cozy quilt. I glued in the yellow base felt and the window.

The red reindeer was a dala horse first, then I decided there should be a reindeer. Luckily my niece was smart enough to recognize it at first sight.


She loved it immediately! I know I would have loved it as a child, too. Tiny things certainly have their own charme.


The absence of a snowflake

I know I’m snowflake-bombing you this week. There is no sight of snow outside of my windows yet. Here is my new project in the mandala-snowflake category:


Like the Horizont-embroidery I made last year, this is a chaotic stitching negative-space project. I like how the absence of something in a world filled with everything can make things even more visible and defined.


I’m using 1 strand of embroidery floss and my favorite charcoal felt. Not sure yet if I want to add colors or leave it monochrome.

Free knitting pattern: kitten hat

Kitten hat


Finished measurements (for children 5-6 years/ head circumference 50-54cm/19.7-21inch)
47×20.5cm/ 18.5x8inch
stretches up to 21inch (54cm)
Gauge (stockinette): 10x10cm/ 4x4inch=19stsx29rounds
needle size: 4mm/US6

Garnstudio DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk (23.0sts=4inches). It’s worked with 2 strands!
Maincolour (MC): 50g in lilac
Contrasting colour (CC): 25g in off-white
circular knitting needle size 4mm/US6

CO cast on
** repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed
st(s) stitch(es)
k1 knit one stitch
p1 purl one stitch
rnd(s) round(s)


To achieve a larger or smaller size just add/leave away a multiple of 3sts in the width to increase size by 1.6cm/0.62inch.

1. With MC cast on 90sts. Join them in the round, be careful not to twist stitches.
2. Establish the ribbing: *k2, p1*.
3. Work ribbing for 10 rounds.
4. Knit for 21 rounds. Cut one strand of the MC and include one strand of off-white. You are working with one lilac and one white strand now.
5. Knit for 12 rounds. Then cut the second strand of lilac and include one strand of off-white. You are working with 2 white strands now.
6. Knit 18 rounds. Bind off stitches with 3 needle bind off. You can graft the seam, too, if you like the head without a visible line.
Ravelry link to the pattern site: youtube


Easter Holidays and new input for new patterns


I’m back from my 3 day retreat in rural North Eastern Germany. I love it there and the easter bunnies came from the north pole this year, since there was EVERYTHING covered in snow. Imagine driving in the driveway and there is NO single human footprint on the whole property. It looked quite different when we left after 3 days. I took a ton of photos of natural structures and textures. Some of these will perhaps become some new embroidery or knitting patterns.


animal footprints in the snow

We had a fire stove over there and after 1 day heating the house up it actually stayed really warm over night. We were lucky to bring our huge heavy quilt I made last year. It has totally proven to be warm enough to let you survive in arctic conditions (if you like carrying heavy quilts around there hehe). My Takoma was my best friend outside, too.april02

We had the best weather – sunny all day long.



megalithic tomb


spring is lurking