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I stumbled across the wonderful podcast Woolful by Ashley who is also going to built up a wool mill. There are some great people she speaks to designers - knitters - wool shearers - wool mill owners. It's a beautifully composted kaleidoskope of interesting people. Take a look and see for yourself! Her podcast reminded me of one goal I once set for myself - to work with natural fibers only. I have eliminated acrylics from my yarn list (except for some impulse bought sock yarns) because I simply don't like the touch of them. After making the Takoma out of woolen tweed from Ireland, I realized how the quality of pure and less processed wool improves with each time you wear it. It becomes softer, dirt does not stick, it smells slightly sheepish and it's so much warmer than any other fiber without making you sweat. Continue Reading

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Selfish knitting

Sometimes knitting should be selfish, right? I cannot possibly explain why on earth I knitted 2 warm sweaters in the middle of summer and also TWO sweaters in...

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Tour de fleece 2012

I'm participating in the Tour de Fleece this year (June 30-July 22). My goal is to spin that 5 yellow bags of sheep (and cheap) fleece I bought back in...