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With christmas coming near in wide steps, I got this idea in my head I might be able to finish the 2 sweaters I started for my better half and myself. Turns out my left hand doesn't like knitting thick yarn for days and started to hurt a little bit. Nevertheless I slowly finish my purple top (there is only the sewing and the neckline left) and make stitch to the new mittens every now and then. I guess the men's sweater has to wait for a little longer until the pain is no longer. I figure the pain comes from my way of holding the yarn. I knit with the yarn in the left hand and thus stretch the index finger out. I always found it a little bit stressful for my finger to hold for a long time and tried to alter the position near......

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winter is coming
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winter is coming

Ok, it's really autumny outside right now and I have to bother you with yet another outdoor accessories knitting. I actually managed to finish ALL of the sock yarn of...