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serious knitting action

With christmas coming near in wide steps, I got this idea in my head I might be able to finish the 2 sweaters I started for my better half and myself. Turns out my left hand doesn't like knitting thick yarn for days and started to hurt a little bit. Nevertheless I slowly finish my purple top (there is only the sewing and the neckline left) and make stitch to the new mittens every now and then. I guess the men's sweater has to wait for a little longer until the pain is no longer. I figure the pain comes from my way of holding the yarn. I knit with the yarn in the left hand and thus stretch the index finger out. I always found it a little bit stressful for my finger to hold for a long time and tried to alter the position near......

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winter is coming

Ok, it's really autumny outside right now and I have to bother you with yet another outdoor accessories knitting. I actually managed to finish ALL of the sock yarn of my stash. Yeah right, there is NO SOCK YARN in my stash right now and it is good! I get bothered by small half skeins laying around cluttering the space where my perfectly wound new and untouched skeins could live peacefully side by side. Socks for the kids was the solution and since they care not a little bit if their socks are striped or dotted (at least when the colors are right) I made some striped socks for both of them. As my little Madame puts it: They will be in shoes anyway so it doesn't matter how they look. Besides the fact that I love striped socks, it's good to know how little the tiny people think about socks......

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