Über mich

Hi, I’m Anne and I’m the person behind Pumora.

Maybe you wonder how someone becomes a fulltime textile manipulator. The story begins in the year 2000 when my parents decided to send me abroad as an exchange student. After a long discussion why I did not want to go to the US – don’t get me wrong it would have been fun, too, but EVERY single student I knew was going there so this was definitely not an option – I convinced my parents, that going to Japan was way more challenging and special. I was a manga addict at that time, so actually that was my reason to choose Japan, but that’s our little secret, right?

Japan taught me alot, but the two main things were:

  1. There is much more to craft and handicraft than grandpa and grandma style.
  2. The fusion of cutie-pie and simple elegance is not only possible but pretty normal over there.

So when I came back I kept sewing and knitting – skills I learned as a child but never continued. The years passed and the knitting wave came, took me in and got me hooked up ever since. Since I’m not the monogamous type when it comes to activities I started embroidery soon afterwards.

Today I have a craft business creating my own knitting and embroidery patterns. I also sell craft materials I find inspiring and unique.