mini email course

Have you seen these pretty hair embroidery pieces all over the internet?
This is one of those things that look difficult but are quite simple to do! Do you want to try it out?

Enroll in this mini email course and learn the very basic steps to make your own hairy portrait.

Simply enter your email address below and you will receive 1 email per day for 4 days. Every day you will get one step further in making your own hairy picture.

learn how to embroider hair with this mini email course

Let's do this together!

Hey, I’m Anne and I’m your teacher for this email course about hair embroidery.
Hand embroidery is such a calming & relaxing craft – as long as it all works out the way you want it. I’m here to provide you with step by step instructions that are easy to follow.
But most of all, embroidery is all about having fun in the process!