the custom needle gauge

What’s a needle gauge?

Knitting needle gauges are a tool to measure the size of knitting needles. The size of a knitting needle is important for working with knitting patterns. It effects the tension of your knitting – how tight or loose and how big or small your knitting will be.

No more plastic!

Knitting needle gauges by Pumora are made from cherry or zebrano wood. In the workshop they are cut and lasered one by one. Then the needle gauges are polished by hand and oiled with precious camelia oil.

Your name on the needle gauge

To make your needle gauge your personal and unique knitting gadget, choose your own text or name to be written on. It’s perfect as a gift for knitting enthusiasts, too!

custom knitting needle gauge

knitting needle gauges

The sizes

There are several measurement systems for knitting needles world wide. Because of that the knitting needle gauges come in metric and US size system. You can choose to have one or both systems on your knitting needle gauge.

Pumora knitting needle gauges com in the following sizes:

  • inch ruler with US-sizes
  • millimeter ruler with metric sizes
  • inch & millimeter ruler with US & metric sizes

You know you need a needle gauge when...

  • you have a bag filled with unsorted circular knitting needles and you have no idea what sizes they are
  • the numbers printed on your needles have faded long ago
  • you need a tool to find the right knitting needle WITHOUT sorting and organizing everything to exhaustion
  • you are desperately in need of a gift for a beloved knitting addict in your family or circle of friends
  • you have a local knitting circle and would love to have a club token
knitting needle gauges

Get your needle gauge here:

Etsy shop knitting needle gauges

How do they work?

Knitting needle gauges are simple rulers with precisely cut holes. To define the size of a knitting needle you stick the needle through each hole until it fits perfectly.

Then take a  look at which number is depicted above the hole et voila you now know the size of your needle gauge!

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