Pimp your embroidery hoop

The ultimate toolbox to let your embroidery shine!


Finished stitching? Now what's next?

When I started embroidering 6 years ago I dived deep into learning the stitches and crazy techniques out there. It was just after I finished my first presentable piece of embroidery that I realized:

Wait, how do I hang this on the wall, when all that fabric is peeking out from behind?

When was the last time you scrolled through your social media looking at all the perfect embroidery art and thought:

I wish mine would look as neat and perfect...

Do you know that feeling when you see someone else’s embroidery perfectly shot in a beautiful home? Then you look at your own piece of embroidery and well, it’s not exactly as shiny and how do they get things done so neatly???

Yeah, I have that feeling, too, from time to time. It’s exactly the reason I created a course about all those finishing techniques you can use for embroidery hoop art.

Finishing is one of the most important steps in embroidery to achieve a beautiful piece of art ready to decorate or give as a gift. Yet it’s the one step that seldom gets enough attention.

Let’s make your embroidery shiny!

Pimp your embroidery is an online course to help you make your embroidery hoop art shine.

pimp your embroidery hoop

What's in it?

The course is made up of 3 parts – Starting – Finishing – Customizing.

Each part provides valuable knowledge and action steps to help you become more confident in the process.

No second guessing or further research needed to get your embroidery framed and on the wall.

Pimp your embroidery hoop


Hoop Overview

Explore the world of hoops! This chapter shows the huge variety of embroidery hoops and how to use them.

Before stitching

Learn all about tension and why it matters. Dive into binding a hoop and how it's done. This chapter includes many tips and tricks to save you many headaches during and after stitching.

Pimp your embroidery hoop


After stitching

The basic steps to get your embroidery framed neatly.

Neat backs

Learn 3 methods to finish your embroidery in a hoop with beautiful backs.

Pimp your embroidery hoop



Using various materials like thread, paint, masking tape, pens, fabric etc. make your hoop personal and custom to your embroidery piece.


This chapter goes into detail with decorating your home with embroidery hoops. Includes tips how to hang without nails and layouts for a whole wall gallery.

This course is for you if you ...

  • are unsure how to use a hoop properly
  • are tired of the generic look of conventional hoops

  • have the feeling your embroidery could look better or neater

  • want to try out new things and need some inspiration

  • need help decorating your home with embroidery in hoops
  • bought some crappy hoops and want to make them shine

Pimp your embroidery hoop contains:

Video tutorials

written articles

Step-by-step photo tutorials

Direct support by instructor

Yes I want to up my embroidery game!

Hey, I'm Anne Mende - the embroidery brain

I started Pumora in 2010 as an embroidery and knitting design business.

Since then I have written an embroidery book (german) and filmed a beginner video online course (german).

In 2016 I brought the lexicon of embroidery stitches into life which now includes over 150 embroidery stitch tutorials.

With lots of experience around beginner problems under my belt, I would love to guide you through and cheer you on.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get the course?

The course will be available from June 12th, 2017. If you preorder you will get a notification that it is live right on that day.

You will have access to it immediately on June 12th on the course website on teachable.

How long will I have access?

Once purchased, you will have lifetime access to the course and all future updates to it.

What materials do I need?

The absolute minimum is one embroidery hoop. Some customizations require a hoop with a screw (wooden hoops, plastic or metal).

Depending on the customizations you want to make, you will need different materials. I choose easy to find craft supplies, so nothing super special that you would have trouble finding.


Sometimes a course and a student just don’t fit together.

By purchasing the Online Course Pimp your Embroidery Hoop, you accept the following policy:

You will be refunded until 30 days after you have purchased the course if you are unhappy with it. In this case, contact me and so we can sort things out.

Yes I want to make my embroidery shine!