Welcome to Pumora!

If you want to learn something about embroidery – you are in the right spot. I’m Anne and I’m here to help you find your way through the jungle of embroidery.

This place is all about stitches, needles, and threads. Whether you are completely new to embroidery or an ambitious stitcher, this site is dedicated to helping you have a wonderful time embroidering.


To make navigating all the tutorials and articles as easy as possible for you there are certain paths through that you can follow.

For now, it’s one route only – there will be more in the next months.


The Beginner Route

The beginner route is a selection of articles covering the very basics of hand embroidery to get you started. If you have no idea how to pick your fabric, what needles to use, or how to do basic stitches, this route is for you.

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If you are not a beginner, take a look at the lexicon of embroidery stitches with over 200 stitch tutorials, the list of embroidery tutorials or the embroidery pattern & cross stitch pattern gallery!