The Beginner Route

So, you want to learn hand embroidery? Great!

To make the entry into this wonderful craft as easy as possible, I set up a route through the most basic articles written on Pumora. You can follow them step-by-step or just skim the ones you need for a certain problem you are having.

These articles are written with a beginner in mind. To avoid overwhelm, I stuck with the very basics. Yes, there are many more ways to do things, but I find it easier to start with one thing first and then explore the alternatives.


Head over to each article to read more about it. The articles are linked to each other so you can jump from step to step.

STEP 1 // Tools: hoop, needle & scissors

STEP 2 // Materials: fabric and thread

STEP 3 // Transferring a pattern to the fabric

STEP 4 // Dressing the hoop

STEP 5 // How to start & end your thread

STEP 6 // Learning your first embroidery stitches: 7 days of stitches part 1 & part 2

STEP 7 // Framing in a hoop



Would you like to get everything in a nicely arranged PDF file to print out?

I have prepared the rookie’s guide to embroidery for you:


learn the basics of hand embroidery today! Perfect resource for beginner embroidery