cross stitch - 7 days of stitches

It's time for the 4th part of the 7 days of stitches series introducing the stitch with the 4 corners *drum roll*: the CROSS STITCH. I mean, this stitch is probably the one stitch that almost everybody has stitched once in their life at school. It is also the term many people say when they actually mean embroidery. Interestingly there is often a distinction made between counted cross stitch and embroidery in general. Counted cross stitch is when you follow a chart of squares to make each stitch. It is similar to pixel art - there are really pixelated pictures like old game boy pixels and high-resolution pictures with thousands of pixels/stitches involved that look very realistic. Cross stitches can be used outside of counted embroidery, too. That is why I show you two ways of making them. The first steps show a stand alone cross stitch. The second set of steps......

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needle weaving - 7 days of stitches

3 day of the 7 days of stitches features a stitch that is experiencing a revival during the last years: NEEDLE WEAVING. Being a cross over between embroidery and weaving, this stitch offers a lot of variations in how you can weave the threads in. I have picked the most basic one to show you the process - the weave stitch. Further below you can see the most popular version - the woven spider wheel - which is used for stitching roses a lot and is very easy to make. I show two different ways for the weave stitch here. One is more like weaving and the thread that is applied is not attached at the sides. For the other way to make the weave stitch, all stitches are attached to the fabric.

How to do needle weaving

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feather stitch - 7 days of stitches

Day 2 of the 7 days of stitches has arrived and it's all about the FEATHER STITCH. This stitch has a long tradition in plant embroidery. It's so easy to mimic different twigs, leaves or even algae with this marvelous embroidery stitch.

How to do the feather stitch

feather stitch - 7 days of stitches

1// Imagine a triangle that is pointing down. Stick the needle in the upper right corner and pull it out at the bottom point. Make sure the thread is under the needle tip before you pull the needle through.

  feather stitch - 7 days of stitches

2// Repeat the first step, but this time use the point where the thread comes out of the fabric from the previous stitch as a starting point.

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blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches

Let's start off the series with the BLANKET STITCH. This embroidery stitch is often used for hemming blanket edges. Maybe you have/had a baby blanket that was hemmed this way, too?  

How to embroider the blanket stitch

blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches

1// Imagine two parallel lines. Then think of each stitch as a rectangle. Start in the top left corner, stick the needle in the bottom right corner and pull the needle up in the top right corner of this imaginative rectangle. Make sure the thread is laying under the needle tip before you pull out the needle.

  blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches

2// Repeat the first step until you have the desired amount of stitches.

  blanket stitch - 7 days of stitches
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Want to learn how to embroider? Let's start today with one stitch a day!

7 days of embroidery stitches part 2

Hello, fellow embroidery enthusiast! This week is all about embroidery stitches. Each day I'll show you how to make a particular stitch for you to try out and use. If you want to check out the first series, it is over here.

The schedule

Monday: blanket stitch

Tuesday: feather stitch

Wednesday: needle weaving

Thursday: cross stitch

Friday: fly stitch

Saturday: couching

Sunday: straight stitch

7 days of embroidery stitches 2: the blanket stitch 7 days of embroidery stitches 2: the feather stitch 7 days of embroidery stitches 2: needle weaving 7 days of embroidery stitches 2: the cross stitch
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stitch lexicon round 25

First of all: yes I know, it's not Saturday. This Friday I will go visit my grand parents in the mountains for the weekend - making it impossible to access the internet the way I need it on Saturday. So I decided to publish this round of the stitch lexicon today instead of Sunday when we will be back. Two hundred and one stitch tutorials. This is the 25th round of the stitch lexicon and in 2 weeks will be the final round. YES! FINAL! I have some specials coming during the next weeks, so keep your eye on my Instagram feed and the blog. Also, the stitch labyrinth challenge is running right now. If you want to use more than 2-3 stitches and need some practice, you will love this! Go here for more information.

The new embroidery stitches of the stitch lexicon

embroidery stitch labyrinth challenge

Remember the 7 days of stitches blog series? Every day for an entire week, I showed you one embroidery stitch in detail - how it is done, what you can use it for and inspiration on how to use it in your embroidery. As you know, there are many more than 7 embroidery stitches around. So I thought it's time to make a part 2 of the 7 days of stitches! Only this time, it's time to get your embroidery needles out! During the next 14 days, I challenge you to use the embroidery stitch of the day to make a stitch sampler. Not any stitch sampler - a labyrinth sampler!

The labyrinth challenge

Sometimes the embroidery stitch world feels like a massive labyrinth to walk through without a clear path to follow. Every turn you take offers a new thing you should know or a new thing to discover. And just......

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feathers embroidery pattern by Pumora

This feathers embroidery pattern is an oldie of mine. One summer I got really obsessed with doodling many many tiny drawings of one theme. One was wizards (think the surroundings of Harry Potter), then there were kitchen and garden tools, of course, a sheet with crafting supplies and one was this feathery one. It's so fun to brain storm the many shapes and sizes feathers can be. In the course of updating all of my older embroidery patterns, the feather embroidery pattern got a whole new make over! It now includes lots of additional instructions on how to transfer and embroider this pattern. Also, I wanted to make it in another color palette (it has been brown, yellow, and white before). How do you like the blue one?

The new version of the feathers embroidery pattern is available now on Etsy

It's a beginner level pattern. All you need to......

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stitch lexicon round 24

I hope you are having a great summer time right now. Summer is not the ultimate time for crafting indoors (except when it's raining of course). Yet, there are days when the heat of the sun is just too much to bear. To have something to keep your hands busy is always a good idea. I have started some projects that are simple enough that I can pick them up when needed and without putting too much thought into it. Do you have any summer craft projects going? Or *gasp* have you started Christmas crafting already?   Back to the topic: this is the 24th round of the stitch lexicon and it is filled with some incredible stitches.

The new embroidery stitches are:

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The making of a magpie blazer

On the weekend, I felt the urge to embroider something for myself. I had found my favorite black blazer I was wearing extensively before moving here. I don't know why, but it got buried in a box and it was not until now, that I discovered it again. So instead of stitching up the magpie pattern on yet another hoop wall art thingy, it wanted to be embroidered on this blazer! The blazer has a black and white stripe pattern which works so great with the magpie pattern. magpie blazer by Pumora

1// With yellow transfer paper - I think it's chalk - I traced the magpie on the blazer. The yellow lines disappear very quickly, so I took a white chalk pencil and drew the lines that vanish too fast.

magpie blazer by Pumora
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