Pimp your embroidery hoop

embroidery stitch lexicon

The embroidery stitch lexicon

Explore the jungle of embroidery stitches. The embroidery stitch lexicon is a grown treasury chest of over 130 stitch tutorials.

Master every stitch with the easy-to-follow step by step photo tutorials!

basic simple embroidery tutorials

Basic embroidery tutorials

New to embroidery? We have got you covered!

Discover how to choose materials and tools, learn the 7 basic embroidery stitches and start your own hand embroidery journey with confidence. Let’s start stitching today!

modern simple embroidery patterns

Simple embroidery patterns

Ready to stitch? Choose from a variety of beginner and intermediate embroidery and cross stitch patterns.

Explore the modern geometric animals, underwater creatures, exotic mandalas and more.

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Let's go through this journey together! In the blog you will find my personal take aways from experimenting with embroidery, updates to the lexicon and other embroidery related things.

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You are a knitter and need help with some unusual knitting problems?
Take a look through the tutorial section and find tutorials on intarsia, knit in the row below patterns, bobbles and more.

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